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Earlier this year the VP of Sales at Ridel Bikes reached us here at WRC for an introductory presentation about the newly launched company and their lineup of new electric bicycles.  WRC was immediately interested in the companies products and when our schedules permitted, we met and began the partnership of bringing the bikes to Philadelphia – first up, the SNUGGER which filled a void in our rental fleet –

The SNUGGER is impressive, with power and style of a cafe racer style bicycle that bridges the gap between a eBike and eMoped – after noticing the built in foot pegs for a second rider, universal style of step-thru design, modular design and what we learned to be a highly wound 500w rear hub mag wheel motor, we had to make the 100 mile trip north to meet the team in Fair Lawn NJ, see the operation and begin testing the platforms.  We have clocked 36 miles on the bike and here are our observations:

1.  The company has found a reliable manufacturing partner, the bike is well built and engineered exceptionally well (when we reached out for support, we received feedback and the correct answers in less than 90 minutes)

2.  The Bike is FAST, hitting speeds between 25-28MPH depending upon rider weight (even with two adult riders we hit 26MPH on flat ground)

3.  The cadence sensor and Pedal Assist are critical help during high torque uphill riding, the bike rewards your pedal power when climbing with added acceleration (vs throttle only)

4.  The bike can actually be used for transporting two adults, while it will be a SNUG fit, the bike delivers on its namesake

5.  The REMOVABLE 12.8Ah 48V Battery delivers on range and flexibility for those that would prefer to leave the bike outside of your home, or office as the battery slides in on a rail system under the seat cushion.  The rear light is part of and powered from a switch adjacent to the master KILL switch which resides underneath the rear of the bike and is accessible while the battery is locked into place.  To remove the battery, simply unlock the device, and pull outward – a very convenient and smart design

6.  Our only complaint would be that the bike hovers between the ~200-400w range consistently and even though it has a ton of power available, we believe the bike can actually be unlocked to achieve 750w power, which we are working with the advanced technical team to see how to unlock the true power of the machine – as it is right now, we believe the bike is using a highly wound 500w motor that provides increased speed as the bicycle accelerates – more to come on this, as the only time noticeable is on a significant incline

7.  The Range is excellent, and the bike has three modes: 1 Eco, 2 & 3 Standard, and 4 & 5 are your POWER modes, the bike doesn’t disappoint with range, it works very well and the battery indicator is very accurate

8.  Safety of the system is paramount, with effective braking via mechanical disk brakes, integrated rear and front lights, horn, and rear passenger foot pegs make for a durable and safe platform

9.  We particularly like modular design, and that is just what the SNUGGER Delivers with replacement parts available through Ridel Bikes and its parent company electronics powerhouse CJ Global for replacement Controllers, Batteries and Motors all available for less than $300, this is a big deal to us, after replacing bicycle controllers, motors and buying replacement Bosch system batteries for example, we are big believers in the modular, replaceable, economical and universal design of this bicycle

We look forward to using this as a regular commuter’s vehicle and will provide any updates as we continue to learn about the bike and all of its capabilities – Thanks to Ridel Bikes for providing such a great product at a very reasonable price point of $1,699.

Perfect touring vehicle
Perfect touring vehicle
SNUGGER Drive Side
SNUGGER Drive Side
Forbidden Drive
Forbidden Drive
Cafe Racing from Conshy to Barnes and Noble Starbucks
Cafe Racing from Conshy to Barnes and Noble Starbucks

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